One of our fields of expertise is the translation of movies and TV series – this service is offered by few companies in the Polish market. Translating dialogues or producing a translation by ear is not all there is to it. You need to carefully adjust vocabulary register to the subject matter, yet at the same time it must be comprehensible to target audiences. The rhythm of the target language also requires skilful adjustment, so that the reading speed remains perfect throughout. Add to it the proper alignment of subtitles, which is an art in itself, and you get the full picture.


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  • We provide the following services:
  • translation, editing and proofreading of text for VO recordings,
  • translation, editing and proofreading of text for subtitled movies,
  • translation by ear,
  • subtitles for the hearing impaired,
  • synchronisation of subtitles,
  • adding subtitles to the movie,
  • embedding subtitles into beta cassettes,
  • recording voice artists reading the final material.
  • Why ROBOTO?
  • We will take a different approach to translating a documentary film, a feature film or a marketing video.
  • With that in mind, we entrust translations of movies to carefully selected experts in the field, who boast excellent linguistic intuition.
  • Our company has been involved in movie translation since its foundation, and we pride ourselves on the trust we gained among industry leaders.


Working to tight deadlines is our daily bread. Regardless of complexity, we guarantee timely completion of any project. Knowing that time is a precious asset, we provide the option of delivering video material via e-mail, an FTP server, or courier service.

  • We translate films:
  • for voice-over
  • for subtitles
  • by ear
  • We offer audio description services.
  • We synchronise subtitles and also embed them into beta cassettes.
  • Our translators can also lend a helping hand during film shows where an OHP is used – thanks to their experience and expertise in films, they will prepare the subtitles so that they are properly displayed during the screening.
  • In 2009–2016 we have translated:
  • over 1150 films (feature & documentaries),
  • over 460 episodes of TV series,
  • 9 theatrical plays and film scripts.
  • Since 2010, we’ve been translating films presented at the International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography Camerimage – ca. 150 titles for each edition of the festival.

In the movie translation trade the key factor is the cultural context


Recording voice artists is one of the services we provide at Roboto in the area of film localisation. We perform recordings in our Warsaw-based partner studio.

  • The studio offers:
  • the largest voice base, that includes TV celebrities and film stars,
  • excellent facilities meeting all technical requirements,
  • eany years of experience in sound recording for video games.
  • The studio facilities ensure perfect acoustic conditions:
  • recording and processing takes place in four equivalent studios, one of which allows to record 5.1 surround sound,
  • the recording area has been constructed using cutting-edge sound-absorbent and acoustic materials,
  • optimised space and numerous workstations allow us to carry out several complex projects at the same time,
  • perfect acoustic conditions in the studio and the experience of staff guarantee the top quality of the final product.

If you want the text to flow, You must properly manipulate the rhythm of the target language


We prepare subtitles from various source materials: by ear, from voice-over texts or dialogue scripts. The translator does preliminary alignment of subtitles and the text is subsequently edited. One of our experts verifies the alignment of subtitles and checks whether they can be released as the final version. Once the subtitles have been polished, they will be delivered to the client in .srt format or any other standard format. Should the Client so require, we can embed the subtitles permanently into the film – we handle DVDs, video files (virtually any format), as well as digital beta cassettes.


Case study

Scope of our work:

  • ES-PL


Feature movies:
Wild Tales (Relatos Salvajes)
Lost in Munich (Ztraceni v Mnichove)
The Commune (Kollektivet) - subtitles

Scope of our work:

  • EN-PL
  • FR-PL
  • DE-PL
  • PL-EN


Full scope of services provided during the festival. Feature films and documentaries. 2010-2015: over 900 films

Scope of our work:

  • PL-EN


Series (selected episodes; voice-over and subtitles) – Instynkt, Czas honoru, Chichot losu, Życie nad rozlewiskiem, 1920. Wojna i miłość.

Scope of our work:

  • EN-PL


Popular science series – Planety (Planets) – 8 episodes, Documentary – Stalin, Popular science series – Południowy Pacyfik (South Pacific) – 6 episodes (voice-over and subtitles)

Scope of our work:

  • EN-PL
  • FR-PL


Series and feature films. Since March 2008 until today: 150 titles, 1,120 episodes (2 to 12 acts)